Final Hegesco Reports

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Competencies and Early Labour Transition of Higher Education Graduates

 (Eds. Rolf van der Velden & Jim Allen)


Qualitative Analysis of Higher Education Institutions and Employers

(Ed. Samo Pavlin)

Integrated Report of the Hegesco Findings

(Matild Sagi)


Summary of European, National and Universities Strategies for Competency-based Curriculum Development

(Eds. Kestutis Pukelis & Nora Pileicikiene)


Summary of Hegesco Project Results

HEGESCO Statistical Outlook


Considerations for HE stakeholders


Document 1 - Introduction

Document 2 - Considerations for HE Institutions and Career Centres

Document 3 - Considerations for Employers

Document 4 - Considerations for Policy Makers and the Scientific Community

Document 5 - Considerations for HE Graduates


These reports are based on the results of a large-scale survey among graduates (extension of REFLEX) and surveys among the largest employers and HE institutions. They include country based reference points for the organisation of HE curricula, considerations for the organisation of teaching practices, cooperation with enterprises including students’ apprenticeship, the integration of research activities into curricula and critical elements for the development of instruments for HE quality assurance and monitoring, universities’ career centres and the organisation of HE practicum and competence development in general.  


For the access to the HEGESCO graduates' database (Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Turkey), please follow the link


With regard to good practices and evidence based surveys, we have developed a web portal derived from a large international conference which is available at, where you can make links with HE stakeholders related to competence development.


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Access to the large scale survey graduate data base

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